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Smores - a Campfire client for Windows!

What is Smores?

Smores is a Windows desktop application I created to improve my experience with Campfire, a group based chat software from the folks at 37Signals. I welcome everyone to participate in its growth by offering feature suggestions, reporting bugs and telling everyone you know that uses Campfire on a Windows box! 

License Cost

Feel free to try out Smores for 30 days before you purchase a license!

After making a payment, you will receive your license key via email.

Different payment options are available depending upon your intended usage.

Check out the release notes


  • Uses campfire's streaming api for real time messaging
  • Messages can be arranged by most recent on top or bottom
  • Monitor multiple rooms at the same time
  • Supports multiple campsites! Have more than one campfire account? Smores will allow you to put them all in one window!
  • 3 message notification types: popup (toast message), flashing icon in taskbar, and/or sound)
  • Supports Growl for Windows and Snarl notification frameworks.
  • Highlight new messages as a visual cue (animates the color of the message background for few seconds)
  • Hide enter/leave/kick messages
  • Parse all urls and provides a hyperlink that will open the url in your default browser
  • Animated .gif support
  • Detects Youtube and Vimeo urls in message text and allows you to watch the video from within the app!
  • Option to show/hide a user's avatar image with their message
  • Upload files from within the app - drag and drop files into the room or click on the upload link to choose a file
  • Upload an image from the clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+V)
  • Displays image uploads in line with other messages
  • Preview Upload images and text files by hovering over link in Uploads section
  • Multi-line post support (Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter for a newline)
  • Look up a transcript from a specific date (Ctrl+T to toggle transcript mode)
  • Search account transcripts (Ctrl+S to toggle search)
  • Supports campfire's star/highlight message feature
  • Search currently displayed messages (Ctrl+F)
  • Double-click on search result navigates you to that message’s transcript
  • Use gravatar image if Campfire's default image is used
  • Create a new email by clicking on a user in the Users popup
  • 9 themes to choose from
  • Dock main window to the left or right side of any of your monitors, also has an auto-hide feature when docking (Ctrl+Shift+L[eft]/R[ight]/N[one])
  • Copy all displayed messages to clipboard
  • See user status - see if other users are idle/away/active (user must be using Smores to report status)
  • Text to speach option for reading new messages
  • Supports all emoji icons and campfire sounds (see

* This app has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.