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Kato - a Jenkins build monitor client for Windows!

Kato is a Jenkins build monitor for Windows. It allows you to keep track of the builds you care about.

Kato is elegant and easy to use. Just type in the url to a jenkins server and select the projects that you would like to track.

Note: The new version as of 5/6/2016 has had its code cert removed, so you will need to uninstall the old app and install the new one. Don't worry, your settings will be remembered!

Want to contribute? The code is hosted at




  • Two different visualization options - list or grid.
  • Minimal network traffic usage - only requests what is needed from the Jenkins API.
  • View console output directly in the app
  • Pick the projects you want to monitor
  • Minimizes to the system tray
  • Notification ballon is used when a build fails and when a build succeeds after a failure.

If you have any problems with the software or want to request a feature, please do so at

* Requires Windows Vista or higher (it will not work on XP).