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The Foundation of Life

Tags: foundation, love, intimacy, identity

Who am I? Why am I here? Pretty common questions I think... I seem to come back to these basic questions every once in a while. It might seem a little scary to ask these questions and quite honesty these questions used to make me feel pretty hopeless.

Whenever I am asking these questions, it seems like God always directs me to this one thing. "HE LOVES ME" and "HE LIKES ME!" "But God, " I always reply, "what about my questions? Who am I and why am I here?" "I LOVE YOU!" he says! "God why are you avoiding my questions?!! I am being very sincere here! I don't understand!"

God must be laughing at me right now because it really is funny that I still don't get it right away. But I have been realizing that, yet again, God really, really likes us! "Why am I here" is always answered in "who am I?" And "Who am I" always comes back to, "I LOVE YOU!" The "I" being God! God loves me! That is who I am, the one whom God loves! Isn't that amazing?!! Say it out loud with me, "God ---  loves --- ME!"

Oh, it never gets old! TV shows, video games and cleaning the bathroom get old! But being loved by God Himself NEVER gets old! There is no greater honor in this life or the one to come than to be one who is loved by Father God and His Son Jesus Christ!

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