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Really Good News

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Well, I can't contain myself today, I am bubbling over with joy over the Good News! 

The "gospel" is a word that for some reason wasn't translated into modern english. It is actually an old english word that means, "good news"! So whenever you read gospel, replace it with "good news" and see if that changes anything for you, it has me! For the last 10 years of my life I have been on a quest to know and understand why what we call the gospel is actually good news. What is good about it? How good is your gospel? Does it make you leap and dance for joy? Does it make you happy/joyful on the inside? If you are not excited about the good news then I propose to you that you have never heard the "good news" (or you have forgotten)! You have received what Paul calls, another gospel, another "good news" which isn't really good at all and you have been sold into the slavery of works/performance that has rendered you hopeless and joyless. In 1 Jn 1:4 and in many other places, John writes these letters full of good news so that the hearer's joy would be complete! His letters did not depress people! They were not harsh or condemning (although they are challenging for sure!), but they are filled with life giving words of good news that propel the hearer into a greater state of joy and freedom. They propel me into the very heart of God. Every time I hear how Good His promises are to me, every time I read about how He loves me and wants to bless me, I catch a glimpse of the Good God who is so generous that my mind cannot even conceive of anyone being that good! It breaks down every argument I have against Him, every wall of unbelief that we have erected comes crumbling down when we see how Good He Is!

He has not only granted us mercy by forgiving all our sins, but has given us the most precious gift anyone could ever receive, His very own Spirit! Holy Spirit is a very real person who Father God has promised to give every one of us, if we receive His mercy. If we allow God to clear our slate, free of charge, paid for by Jesus, then God will give us something far more valuable than anything that could be found on this earth. The promise of the Father (Acts 1:4) is the gift of Himself, living in us! We have a new roommate! And believe me, Holy Spirit does not just sit around bored out of his mind! He is active and participating in our lives, but only if we let Him! He never forces Himself upon us, but if we allow Him the liberty, He will lead us into the greatest adventure of our lives. He will fill us with the love of God, free us from all our issues and fears. He will transform us into the very image of God Himself! What a promise! What a generous God who would give us Himself, simply because He loves us!

I hope you haven't taken for granted what God has given you! I know I do all the time and I pray that God would give me a grateful heart, that He would open my eyes to see all of the little blessings He pours into my life every single day! Let God amaze you this week with how Good He really is! Let worship come pouring out of your heart this week as you see how good He really is to you!

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