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Passion for Jesus

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What is passion for Jesus? What does that even mean? I have been contemplating this subject lately... Here are some of my thoughts. This list is by no means comprehensive!

First I guess I should explain how I would define "passion for Jesus"... to me it is a state of being where I wake up in the morning and want to fellowship with him. The greater the passion I have that day, the more often I would want to connect with Him and live with an awareness of His Presence. Psalm 27:4 has to be my favorite verse when it comes to this subject. If you would define it differently, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

First off, "my" passion really is established and rooted in His passion for me. I cannot create longing or desire for Him in myself. "We love because he first loved us (1Jn 4:19)." We can only love Him after we receive a revelation of His love for us.

While passion is certainly initiated by God, I do have a responsibility to manage/maintain it. This is seen in the day to day of life where some days I feel very passionate and some days... not so much! The imagery in Moses' Tabernacle illustrates this where God was the source of all the fire (Lev 9:24), but it was the priests responsibility to make sure it didn't go out (Lev 6:13).

So my next question then is, how do I manage/tend this fiery passion that God has initiated? This is where we get into the nitty gritty! How do I keep the fire burning brightly? I think Rom 12:1 gives us a good answer. The fire needs fuel and we are the fuel! In bible terms, we are talking sanctification 101, letting God change us. Letting God into every aspect of  my life and allowing Him to remove things that are harmful to me and letting Him change me from the inside out. Paul talks about quenching the Spirit in 1Thes 5:19. Check out the context for this passage, also see Eph 4:30. Interesting stuff! We are temples of the Holy Spirit, God Himself has taken up residence in us! We should take great care in making sure Holy Spirit is welcome in His own home! Let him have full expression in our hearts and lives and the fire will burn bright. Quench his voice and His influence in our lives and the fire will burn dimly.

Final thought of the day is this, letting God burn in me is the greatest way to live. It can be very painful at times when He deals with the stuff I don't want to let go of... But it is so fulfilling living with an open heart and a yes in my spirit towards God. I know this very intimately! I don't like the days when my heart is closed towards Him!  The blessing of being a burning and shinning lamp far surpass anything the world has to offer! God is our ultimate reward in this life and the next, so why not get started today by saying yes to His influence/voice/leadership in our lives? ;)

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