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Abba, Father, is never too busy!

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I have been wanting to write for a while, but haven't seemed to find the time... so it seems fitting that I start off with the topic of resting in Father God's love!

What Holy Spirit has been showing me lately is that Father God is never stressed out, never worried AND He absolutely loves spending time with me! My immediate reaction of course is, "Hey God, there is a lot of other people worse off than me and in need of your help, you have lots to do, don't waste it on me!" I don't think he listened to me though because He continued to tell to me that He actually loves to love me!

The book of Hebrews tells us that God is always at rest. He is never anxious. What would that be like! Imagine the responsibility of being God: billions of children, promises to keep, universe to keep in motion, birds to feed... you get the idea! But with all that responsibility, Father God is at perfect peace! He is THAT big! God didn't fall off His throne in utter bewilderment when Adam sinned. What is more amazing is that He didn't control Adam! He let Adam make his bad decision! Why? Because Father God, is an amazing Father! True fathers don't control their children. Fathers rely on their love connection with their children to win the day. Father God, let Adam sin, knowing that His love would win! He had absolutely confidence that His love was more than enough!

I love John 9 where the disciples where trying to figure out why this blind man was blind. Was it his sin, his parents sin, what was it? Jesus replies (my paraphrase), "guys you are missing it BIG time! This is an opportunity for the Father to show his love and display His glory!"

The Father's glory is His love! The glory of the Father is, the absolute Goodness and Perfectness of His wonderful, over the top love for people! No one loves like He does! He actually loves to love us! Our performance driven mindsets don't understand that the only thing that Father God wants to accomplish, is this one thing,to love us! This absolutely blows me away! I can get so caught up with doing "stuff" and completely ignore the relationships around me because I think that in "doing", it makes me feel important or it gives me worth. But Father God defines His own worth in the fact the He IS love (1 Jn 4:8)! It doesn't say that He "does" love, it says He IS love!! And of course He does things that display His love but He actually defines Himself as love itself! His whole existence is devoted to one thing, LOVE! It's easy to try and sidestep this one and say He loves others and exclude myself, but we are a part of the others! God is not constrained by time and has more than enough time for every last person on the planet! 1 Timothy 2:4 says that God "desires all men to be saved." Father God's heart is so big, that Hedesires every last person to be saved! His arms are wide open to anyone that would come to Him and receive Him as Father God!

I love it! In Revelation 4:1 its says that John turned and saw a door standing open. When Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sin, it opened a door into the Father's house that has been wide open ever since! And even today I hear the Father beckoning me in, "Come up here!" He has long desired to be our Father, I think we should give Him a chance! As Bill Johnson says, "He is better than we think, so we need to change the way we think!"

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