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  • The Power of Praise

    Tags: Jesus, presence, praise

    One of my defining moments in life came during one of my darkest seasons. I was struggling with my college classes, I had no vision for my life, I was depressed, discouraged, defeated... I didn't … more

  • Passion for Jesus

    Tags: passion, Jesus, sanctification, fire

    What is passion for Jesus? What does that even mean? I have been contemplating this subject lately... Here are some of my thoughts. This list is by no means comprehensive!

    First I guess I should … more

  • Abba, Father, is never too busy!

    Tags: Father, Jesus, love, rest

    I have been wanting to write for a while, but haven't seemed to find the time... so it seems fitting that I start off with the topic of resting in Father God's love!

    What Holy Spirit has been … more

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